Meetings & Documents

June 4, 2018

Monthly Meeting
June 4, 2018


  • Brian Wade, President
  • Sue McCarthy, Vice President
  • Peter Foulger, Treasurer
  • Peter Brimacombe, Secretary
  • Christine Johnson, Past President
  • Kristy Nystrom
  • John Sankey
  • Riley Brockington, Councillor
  • Dave Armitage
  • Kat Gracie
  • Al Gullon
  • Claudette Hudson
  • Dora Joseph
  • Lynette Joseph
  • Fabien Kalala
  • Abiodun Mosuro
  • Dianne Nahal
  • Marwan Nahal
  • Kim Pozzo
  • Bishop Bryan Williams

Brian Wade: Invited everyone to introduce themselves and say what would they bring if they were stranded on a deserted island.

Motion: To accept the agenda. Moved by David Armitage, seconded by John Sankey, carried.

Motion: To approve the May, 2018 minutes. Moved by Al Gullon, seconded by Kristy Nystrom, carried.

Treasurer’s Report
Peter Foulger presented the Treasurer’s Report. It is presented as an appendix.

Motion: To pay six items. Moved by Peter Foulger, seconded by Peter Brimacombe, carried.

Councillor’s Report
Riley Brockington presented the Councillor’s Report. Items:
Federation of Canadian Municipalities: He went to the annual general meeting in Halifax.
Canadian Pride, Harmony in Cultures Mural: The mural was just cleaned. The artist Claudia Salguera, herself has assumed the cost of insurance. He is promoting a community fundraiser to cover the cost.
Paul Landry Park: The play structure should be finished on June 24. The community unveiling will be soon afterwards. The west fence is owned by RioCan, the owner of the Metro mall. The fence is falling down. Metro shopping carts and some Shoppers Drug Mart carts are ending up in the park. There should be a locking device on the cart wheels to stop people from taking them out of the mall. Gilboa Apartments and Townhouses is a development on the adjacent property to the west. It dumps snow in the Park. This practice must stop.
Christine Johnson: Near the play structure, there is a circle of rocks. They are too low to sit on. Can they be raised?
Riley Brockington: He will look into the feasibility.
Development at the north-west corner of Riverside and Hunt Club: There will be a presentation Monday, June 11 at 19:00 at the Riverside Churches.
Strawberry Social: This event will be held Friday June 8 from 13:30 to 15:30. To register call 613 580-2486 or email
Wendy Stewart Stormwater Pond: There will be an official ceremony next week.
Civic Hospital Information Session: This is an annual event. It will be held on June 12 at the Alexander Community centre. At 19:15 there will be the hospital information session.

President’s Report
Brian Wade: Items:
The HCCO has received $2000 from The TD Park People. This grant was essential in funding three events: Arts in the Park, Guided Nature Walk and Picnic in the Park.
Two of the three events were just held. Over 100 people participated in Arts in the Park. The artists loved it. People thought that it should be an annual event. Over 50 people participated in the Guided Nature Walk. Dianne Nahal, John Sankey and Owen Clarkin gave talks.
Riley Brockington: These events were very successful. They are part of the total community effort which have transformed Park Landry Park into a positive space. He is looking for a way to present this success story to other community associations and groups.
Picnic in the Park will be held August 25 at Paul Landry Park.
John Sankey: Mike Milsom has a farm. He has an open house this Saturday June 9. Every child who makes a $2 donation to the HCCO will be given space to plant a pumpkin.
Caisse Desjardins: For every new member Caisse Desjardins makes a $10 donation. New members have the choice of four organizations, HCCO is one of them. So far $60 have gone to the HCCO.
All Candidates Meetings: Eight community associations in the Ottawa South Riding co-operated to host two all-candidates events: a meet and greet at the Community Centre on May 16 and a formal debate at Hillcrest High School on May 29. At the Community Centre there were 50 to 60 people. At Hillcrest there were 300 people.
Membership: There are 65 active voting members.
Newsletter: This has been a great success. HCCO has published the newsletter for six years:
Sue McCarthy: We are looking for more contributors to submit articles to be more representative of our community.

Communication Working Group
Brian Wade: In January, a working group was formed to develop communications strategy for all platforms: newsletter, website and social media. Sue McCarthy, Kristy Nystrom, John Sankey and myself are in the group. We would like to submit a series of motions for consideration:

Motion: Given that the HCCO is a community association, and that it is developing a communication strategy, which will require investment into marketing and promotional material, such as business cards, banners, displays and a website, that the name “Hunt Club Community Association” be used and that an amendment to the constitution be drafted to reflect the name “Hunt Club Community Association”. The amendment would be presented at the Annual General Meeting. Moved by Kristy Nystrom, seconded by John Sankey, carried.

Motion: To spend up to $300 to search and reserve the name “Hunt Club Community Association”. Moved by Sue McCarthy, seconded by Peter Brimacombe, carried.
Kristy Nystrom: Currently our domain name is but the name is not our own – it’s under National Capital Freenet. It’s important to have our own domain name. It allows us to switch hosting providers without changing our domain name. Our own domain name allows us to reuse web content. It allows us to reuse written material such as banners and pamphlets. It allows people on the internet to save bookmarks and then click on the bookmarks to get the same web content. It may also provide the option of other services such as the ability to host association email emails. Domains can be registered from a variety of registrars. They cost between $17 and $25 a year. Currently is available.

Motion: That be registered as a domain name at a cost of up to $25 a year. Moved by Kristy Nystrom, seconded by Christine Johnson, carried.
Kristy Nystrom: In preparation of developing a formal communications strategy, we need to have an electronic EPS file of our logo compatible with illustration software such as Adobe Illustrator in order to produce large format promotional items such as banners. Our current logo file is in a low-res JPEG format and it cannot scale to a size larger than the current file size. We could either keep our existing logo or get a completely new one. If we kept our existing logo we could find a graphic designer to redraw it. if we got a completely new one we could either find a graphic designer to make the logo files or look for affordable stock artwork.
Kristy Nystrom: In preparation for developing a formal communications strategy, we need to invest in our website and consider switching web hosting providers to one that can provide us with the ability to host our website using a web content management solution such as WordPress.
Web Content Management systems allow web site content providers, editors and webmasters to add/update content without knowing all of the technical programming that is usually associated with website maintenance. They allow someone with some technical and graphics experience to develop sites that are engaging and interactive. The communications working group has been researching and investigating options. Currently, the best offer is with HostPapa, a green powered company based in Toronto, that would offer us 3 years of their business hosting package for $3.95 a month for three years, or $182 in total. At that time, we could continue with the business package at cost of $582 for three years or downgrade to the basic package at $325 for three years or switch to another provider. Currently, prices for complete hosting packages are about $200 or more a year. If we continue with HostPapa after the three years, the price for the full business package is under the current $200 per year range. With recent savings in the production of the Hunt Club My Community Newsletter, we can easily budget for this amount or provide sponsorship opportunities for the website to finance the cost of web hosting.

Motion: That the business web hosting package from HostPapa be purchased at a cost of $182 for three years and options for future web hosting be investigated. Moved by Kristy Nystrom, seconded by Christine Johnson, carried.

Development Working Group
Brian Wade: The HCCO led the community response to the Claridge Homes Development on Hunt Club Road. Taggart has proposed a new development at the north west corner of Riverside and Hunt Club Road. There should be a working group to deal with new developments. Who is interested?
Peter Brimacombe: I am.
Dave Armitage: The Taggart development will be the first commercial development on the east side of the Rideau River. Ecology Ottawa believes that the proposed car dealerships will spoil the Rideau River. The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority has an interest too.

Picnic in the Park
Brian Wade: Picnic in the Park will take place Saturday August 25 between 11:30 and 14:30. at Paul Landry Park. We need volunteers to help with this event. Sue McCarthy, Kristy Nystrom and Bishop Bryan Williams expressed interest.

Fall Festival
Sue McCarthy: The Fall Festival will take place Saturday, September 8 at the Community Centre. She met with Dale Johnson, the Community Centre Director and Susanne O’Bryne from the South East Ottawa Community Health Centre.

Community Cleanup
Dave Armitage: A group from Huntview Estates cleaned up the swamp. They found and pulled out propane tanks and dishwashers.
Brian Wade: Do we want another cleanup?

Next meeting: Monday September 10 at 19:00

Appendix Treasurers Report
May 2018 summary for the 4 June 2018 Meeting
Account interest of $0.88 for May was credited by Alterna. Sponsorships from Desjardins and Rimalou Drugs for June were received.
Sub-accounts Activity:
The Refugee sub account was closed. The $1,059.69 was paid to Christine Johnson for her to disburse. A second order for signs was placed with Pro_printers from the Parks Fund.
Payment from The Park people is requested as follow: C Johnson $96.47 for PLP event; D Nahal $48.00 and $5.76 for PLP event.


Hunt Club Refugee Fund $ closed
Garden Fund $ 1,500.00
Harmony in Cultures Fund $ 500.00
Art Club Fund $ 12.89
Mural Project $ -81.00
The Parks People $ 1,700.04
Balance Sub-accounts $ 3,631.93

Members Surplus
Balance as of 1 August 2017 $ 4,814.01
Year to date expenses, HCCO $ 1,730.63
Year to date receipts, HCCO $ 2,697.84
Increase/(decrease) for year, HCCO $ 966.81
Member’s surplus, HCCO $ 5,780.82
Total funds (Members surplus + funds) $ 9,397.44
Cash not deposited $ 0.00
Alterna share, HCCO $ 15.00
Alterna Account, HCCO & funds $ 9,397.44
Alterna Term Deposit HCCO, $ 0.00

Total all funds $ 9,412.75

Receivables & Liabilities:
We are owed $100 by Landmark/Revera for the Sept news and two $110 sponsorships for the June News.
To simplify accounts it is proposed the Art Fund and Mural project be ended and folded into the general member’s fund. The change to Desjardins will be made in June after all the last meeting of the current financial year.