Meetings & Documents

May 7, 2018

Monthly Meeting
May 7, 2018


  • Brian Wade, President
  • Sue McCarthy, Vice President
  • Peter Brimacombe, Secretary
  • Christine Johnson, Past President
  • Marilyn Koch
  • Kristy Nystrom
  • John Sankey
  • Riley Brockington, Councillor
  • Dave Armitage
  • Celsa Barnhardt
  • Kat Gracie
  • Al Gullon
  • Abiodun Mosuro
  • Dianne Nahal
  • Barb Shea

Brian Wade: Invited everyone to introduce themselves and say their favourite food.
Brian Wade: Presented the agenda.

Motion: To accept the agenda. Moved by Christine Johnson, seconded by John Sankey, carried.

Motion: To approve the April, 2018 minutes. Moved by Sue McCarthy, seconded by Christine Johnson, carried.

Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer’s report is presented as an appendix.
Sue McCarthy: The money in the Refugee Sub Account comes from Christine Johnson’s tax credit. It’s her intention to manage the money for the Syrian Refugees but it would be easier if she managed it herself. She will keep a separate bank account and report on it.

Motion: The Hunt Club Refugee Tax Credit Fund be transferred to Christine Johnson and the Sub Account be closed. Moved by Sue McCarthy, seconded by Peter Brimacombe, carried.

Councillor’s Report
Riley Brockington presented the Councillor’s Report. Items:
Development at the north-west corner of Riverside and Hunt Club: The proposal includes a senior living centre, a hotel, a private school, two car dealerships and a commercial/retail strip mall. He has asked the developer to consider residential units instead of the car dealerships. There will be a public meeting at the Riverside Churches, Monday June 11 at 19:00.
3225 Uplands (Ashgrove): This is a seven unit Ottawa Community Housing Development. Construction is well underway.
Paul Landry Park: Work on the play structure is scheduled to resume shortly. The HCCO was consulted about the placement of some large stones used for seating. An official opening ceremony will be planned with the HCCO.
Owl Park Pickle Ball: Lines for pickle ball will be painted on all the tennis courts.
Paving the curve on McCarthy: The curve on McCarthy will be paved with high friction asphalt.
Dave Armitage: The sidewalk on the west side of that section of McCarthy is in rough shape.
Potholes: Please report potholes that you see. Telephone 311 or report on-line.
Christine Johnson: Hunt Club Road is now connected to the 417. The connection has increased the volume of heavy trucks which has damaged the Road. The whole road should probably be redone with a grade of material commensurate with the new load and density of traffic.
Riley Brockington: The paving of the Airport Parkway was done with inferior asphalt. The City will be more vigilant with its contractors.
New Director of Community Centre: He expressed his thanks to the outgoing Director James O’Malley for his many contributions. The new director is Dale Johnson.
Earth Day: On Saturday, April 21, over 320 people took part in the event to collect e-waste. 16,660 pounds were collected.
Ed Laverty Sports Fields: The suggestion to name the sports fields has received overwhelming support during the public consultation process.
Older Adult Summit: The Summit will take place at the community Centre, Friday May 11 from 9:00 to 13:00. All places are taken.
Barb Shea: Older adults who drive could benefit from a refresher course. Referring back to development issues there needs to be a larger view on how the City develops. Where does the larger view get discussed?
Riley Brockington: There are two major places: The Official Plan Review and the Transportation Master Plan.
Strawberry Social: This event will be held Friday June 8 from 13:30 to 15:30. To register call 613 580-2486 or email
Robert and Linda Poulsen Gymnasium: On Friday June 8, the gymnasium in the Community Centre will officially be named the Robert and Linda Poulsen Gymnasium.
Wendy Stewart Pond: Council have approved the naming. There will be an official event sometime in June.
Civic Hospital Information Session: This is an annual event. It will be held on June 12 at the Alexander Community centre. At 18:30 Supt. Maria Keen of the Ottawa Police Service will be there for Cop Talk. At 19:15 there will be the hospital information session.
Community Safety Night: On Monday May 14 there will be a Community Safety Night at the Jim Durrell Recreation centre. Three councillors will be there: Diane Deans, Jean Cloutier and Riley Brockington.
David Armitage: There have been a lot of fentanyl overdoes throughout the City. If you see someone who may have taken it, call 911.

Community Clean Up
Christine Johnson: Many new people came out to clean up Paul Landry Park, as well as the usual suspects.
Dianne Nahal: She helps out with the homework club. A young boy from the club and his mother came out to help with the clean up and they had never been in the park before.
Kat Gracie: We need a welcome kit to give to new residents to let them know what’s available in the community.

Nature Walk
Christine Johnson: 20 people have signed up for the Nature Walk. EventBrite lists events in Ottawa

All Candidates Meeting
Brian Wade: There is a provincial election June 7. We are hosting an all-candidates meeting Wednesday, May 16. The meeting starts at 19:00. You should be there by 18:30 to set up. Marilyn Koch, Kristy Nystrom and Peter Brimacombe said they could help.

Garage Sale
Brian Wade: Linda King is organizing the Annual Hunt Club Garage Sale, Saturday, June 9.

Fall Festival
Sue McCarthy: The fall festival will be held on Saturday, September 8. She met with Dale Johnson, the Community Centre Director and Susanne O’Byrne from the South East Ottawa Community Health Centre. Last year the Community Health Centre paid for the bouncy castle and hot dogs. Riverside Park Community and Recreation Association

Brian Wade: The Riverside Park Community and Recreation Association is the community association just to the north. It may fold because there aren’t enough volunteers. He led the discussion of a number of options.

Next meeting: Monday June 4 at 19:00

Appendix – Treasurers Report
April 2018 summary for the 7 May 2018 Meeting
Account interest of $0.75 for April was credited by Alterna. Two sponsorships for the June News were received. Memberships of $20 were deposited. Payment was made to the Canterbury Community Association for the upcoming Provincial Election debate.
Sub-accounts Activity:
The TD sponsored “Parks People” grant of $2,000 was received. A cheque for $149.98 for signs for Paul Landry park was issued to ProPrinters. Christine Johnson is responsible for disbursements. Payments were made to S McCarthy to reimburse her for the mural opening blessing


Hunt Club Refugee Fund $ 1,059.69
Garden Fund $ 1,500.00
Harmony in Cultures Fund $ 500.00
Art Club Fund $ 12.89
Mural Project $ -81.00
The Parks People $ 1,850.02
Balance Sub-accounts $ 4,841.60
Members Surplus
Balance as of 1 August 2017 $ 4,814.01
Year to date expenses, HCCO $ 1,730.63
Year to date receipts, HCCO $ 2,476.56
Increase/(decrease) for year, HCCO $ 745.93
Member’s surplus, HCCO $ 5,559.94
Total funds (Members surplus + funds) $ 10,401.54
Cash not deposited $ 0.00
Alterna share, HCCO $ 15.00
Alterna Account, HCCO & funds $10,385.54
Alterna Term Deposit HCCO, $ 0.00
Total all funds $ 10,401.54

Receivables & Liabilities:
We are owed $100 by Landmark/Revera for the Sept news and four $110 sponsorships for the June News.
To simplify accounts it is proposed the Art Fund and Mural project be ended and folded into the general member’s fund. The change to Desjardins will be made in June after all the last meeting of the current financial year.