Meetings & Documents

June 7, 2021

Monthly Meeting
June 7, 2021

  1. Brian Wade, President
  2. Sue McCarthy, Vice President
  3. Sabrine Barakat, Treasurer
  4. Jason Dubue, Secretary
  5. Christine Johnson, Director
  6. John Reid, Director
  7. Kat Gracie, Director
  8. Lynette Joseph-Sankey, Director
  9. Marilyn Koch, Director
  10. Peter Foulger, Director
  11. Zivana Pavic, Director
  12. Abiodun Mosuro, Director
  13. Riley Brockington, City Councillor
  14. Erin McCracken, Assistant to Riley
  15. Cathy Bourguignon
  16. Dora Joseph
  17. France Picard
  18. Kathy Wright
  19. Barb Shea
  20. Piero Narducci
  21. Matt Page
  22. Peter Brimacombe
  23. Norman & Patricia McLeod
  24. Denyse Baizana
  25. Tania Mushka
  26. James Mihaychuk
  27. Vince Bowman

Meeting Minutes

1. Welcome and Introductions

a. Introductions

Brian welcomed everyone to the monthly board meeting.

2. Approval of the Agenda

a. Agenda: June 07, 2021

  • [3G] Library Service Matters Committee Report was added
  • [3C] Communication Committee Report was moved to be separate item

Motion: To accept the agenda for this meeting, with the above changes.
Moved by Sue McCarthy, seconded by Lynette Joseph-Sankey, carried by vote

3. Consent Agenda

g. Library Services Matter Committee


Motion: To approve the consent agenda – [3C] Moved to item [4C] for discussion.
Moved by Christine Johnson, seconded by Zivana Pavic, carried by vote.

4. Operations/Governance

a. Insurance Update

General Liability Insurance under Community Partners Insurance Program last year was $515 (Everest Insurance). The broker has changed and we needed to reapply. The rates are 3x the cost. $1545. Director’s Insurance is an additional $1000. Certain programs or events require insurance, but for 30 years we operated without general insurance. Should we renew, and should we have director’s insurance as well?

  • Try to contact Everest Insurance directly, instead of going through a broker.
  • Need to let broker know by June 15
  • Having insurance opens opportunity for more programs and volunteer growth
  • City property could use insurance through the City

Motion: To defer decision to another meeting, before June 15.
Moved Brian Wade, carried by vote.

Meet before June 15 to make a final decision

b. Board of Directors Review 2021 Survey Results

Summary of Results:
Recent surveys sent to directors will help provide feedback to future operations and governance revisions.

  • Directors should label their positions in Zoom

Motion: To defer survey review to the Governance Committee.
Moved by Brian Wade, seconded by Sue McCarthy, carried by vote.

c. Communication Committee Report

The Social Media & Website Report did not get attached to the Communications Report when the agenda was sent out, and was then given time for a quick presentation on HCCA’s social media presence.     

  • Plan for future Social Media positions to continue progress made.
  • Perhaps volunteer students help regarding school issues (guidelines).

Motion: To accept Communications Committee report, with submitted addition.
Moved by Sue McCarthy, seconded by Christine Johnson, carried by vote.

5. Outreach

a. South Merivale Business Park Re Zoning Application

The Rideau Glen Ratepayers’ Association have protested against a re-zoning change that would allow a large trucking depot. HCCA supported their position to reject the rezoning. Unfortunately, the City planning committee has approved the zoning change. This could create more traffic on Hunt Club, and cause additional congestion during peak hours. 

Their next step is a petition against the way the planning committee operates, and makes decisions. More specifically when members of the planning committee have close ties to the  developers involved in the process.

  • There should be a means for all community associations to be more involved in the City’s planning process.

6. Environment

a. Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan
The master plan is now in the second round of collecting feedback having to do with recreational facilities. Environment chair suggests that HCCA should not provide feedback.

  • Christine disagreed and suggested we should respond, and volunteered to draft.
  • Tania seconded Christine, and we should not let greenspace erosion continue.

Motion: To prepare a written response regarding the New Master Plan.
Moved by John Reid, seconded by Sue McCarthy, carried by vote.

b. Development 400 Hunt Club Road, Adjacent to Otto’s BMW
Otto’s BMW dealership has submitted an application to the City of Ottawa for re-zoning and development of a parking lot and car storage. This would remove 1.57 hectares of the red pine plantation. This leads to loss of carbon capture, increase in rapid runoff, increased surface temperatures, increased air pollution and pollution to the stream. John suggests proposing an environmental offset. They should plant an equivalent number of trees in surrounding areas. The lumber, or sales from the lumber removed be used for local public spaces.

  • Members would like to push further, and plant x2 or x3 trees for every tree removed.
  • Consideration should be given to the type and the age of trees. 
  • Mature Red pines are optimal species for carbon sequestering
  • Concerns about the noise buffer the trees provide from the Airport
  • Major concern to Hunt Club Creek. Development affects the runoff and local water fauna
  • Riley suggests pushing further to oppose the application completely. Hunt Club is a major artillery road, and the location is not an appropriate use for this application..

Motion: To write a response containing an opposition to the development application, as well as options for environmental loss offsets.
Moved by John Reid, carried by vote.

c. GetGrowing Hunt Club 2021 Report Highlights
Barb Shea presented highlights of the recent Get Growing project. This year presented challenges with a stay-at-home order, and required delivery logistics. Registrations have doubled from last year—all 250 seedling kits were distributed. Key success factors included; purpose and timing; volunteers; generosity of suppliers; funding; and that the project was overall well received by the greater community.

  • Looking to have HCCA commit funding at the beginning of the fiscal year to secure seedlings order for spring time.
  • Develop a Project Charter at the outset of all approved projects (outlines role of the Board, project leads, team members; includes decision making and progress reporting.
  • Create guidelines for inclusion/exclusion of external links/info on HCCA website.

7. City Services

a. Residential Vacant Unit Tax – Update

The report from staff has been approved by the Finance and Economic Development Committee, and goes to council Wednesday. The report quotes sentences that the HCCA had submitted to them.

b. City of Ottawa Official Master Plan - Update

c. Other City Feedback Requests on

Items [7b] and [7c] were skipped to allow for time

8. Other

a. Library Services Committee

Motion: Does the board support the advocacy work of the committee to bring a Library branch to the community, east of the Rideau River.
Moved by Christine Johnson, carried unanimously by vote.

9. Adjournment of Meeting

a. Next meeting: Monday, September 13, 2021

Meeting adjourned at 21:13, Next meeting will be on Monday September 13 at 19:00

Motion: To adjourn the meeting.
Moved by Lynette Joeph-Sankey, seconded by Peter Foulger, carried.