Meetings & Documents

May 3, 2021

Monthly Meeting
May 3, 2021

  1. Brian Wade, President
  2. Sue McCarthy, Vice President
  3. Sabrine Barakat, Treasurer
  4. Jason Dubue, Secretary
  5. Christine Johnson, Director
  6. John Reid, Director
  7. Kat Gracie, Director
  8. Abiodun Mosuro, Director
  9. Lynette Joseph-Sankey, Director
  10. Marilyn Koch , Director
  11. Peter Foulger , Director
  12. Zivana Pavic , Director
  13. Riley Brockington, City Councillor
  14. Erin McCracken, Assistant to Riley
  15. Cathy Bourguignon
  16. Dora Joseph
  17. France Picard
  18. Kathy Comfort
  19. Piero Narducci
  20. Ijeoma Udechukwu
  21. Matt Page
  22. Norman & Patricia McLeod
  23. Peter Brimacombe
  24. Piero Narducci
  25. Barb Shea
  26. Tania Mushka
  27. Trina Powell
  28. Denyse Baizana
  29. Ryan St Jean

Meeting Minutes

1. Welcome and Introductions

a. Introductions

Brian welcomed everyone to the monthly board meeting.

2. Approval of the Agenda

a. Agenda: May 03, 2021

  • Zivana noted “Butterflyway Project” was intended to be part of the consent agenda, [3c.]
  • Barb would like the opportunity to speak under [3c. Environment] about GetGrowing

Motion: To accept the agenda for this meeting, with the above changes.
Moved by Sue McCarthy, carried by vote

3. Approval of Consent Agenda

b. Treasurer’s Report

  • Treasurer’s Report: Christine noted typo, should be “Just Food”
  • Please note membership revenue since September, at next meeting

c. Environment Committee Report

  • Moved to item 6. Environment
  • Christine Johnson would like to know how she can be championing initiatives under the environment and library committee

d. Library Services Matter Committee (LSMC) Report

e. Long-Term Care Townhall - May 6, 2021



  • There was discussion about how the current Consent Agenda functions

Motion: To approve the consent agenda.
Moved by Christine Johnson, seconded by Jason Dubue, carried by vote.

4. Operations

a. Website Hosting

Upgrading our hosting plan is required. Our current plan with HostPapa is using more server resources than initially allotted. Despite making optimizations, they have suspended our services twice so far, so we have to make a decision fairly quickly. 

Jason Dubue has been maintaining the HCCA website and is suggesting we switch to DreamHost in order for the organization to save money in the long term, and put it towards community initiatives. Below is a breakdown of the cost difference between the 2 options.

Host Papa – Business Plan
$15.99 / month
== $191.88 / year
DreamHost – Shared Unlimited
$3.95 /mo USD for 3 years
(~$4.93 /mo CAD exch rate)
== ~$59.16 / yearAfter 3 years:
== ~$164.64 CAD / year
  • Noted that many voiced their interest for a Canadian hosting company if possible.

Motion: To approve the suggested DreamHost unlimited hosting package.
Moved by Jason Dubue, motion passed by vote.

b. Insurance

There was a change in the insurance program—we are with a new company, and it expires June 2, 2021. HCCA has applied again, and also asked for a quote on liability insurance. We have applied for community funding from the city that may cover the liability insurance. Updates will be provided in the future.

5. Outreach

a. HCCA Partnerships

Schools — School Council meetings at 4 of our local schools are a valuable opportunity to reach the local families. We could also help to support the schools back.

Federation of Community Association of Ottawa (FCA)
Annual $35 membership is due for renewal. 

Motion: To approve renewal of FCA membership.
Moved by Brian Wade, seconded by Sue McCarthy, carried by vote.

Joint Rain Barrel Fundraiser Update (with Riverside Park Community Association)
We sold 154 rain barrels, which was just over double our sales target. The total, based on $10 per barrel sold, adds up to $1540 funds raised. Suggesting we either divide with RPCA & HCCA, or deposit full amount and earmark half towards joint initiatives.

6. Environment

a. Pollinator Week (June 21-27)

O.S.E.A.N. Contest for front yard gardens. Pollinator or vegetable gardens.

Butterflyway Project
A David Suzuki Foundation initiative that has expanded quickly over the last 2 years. This year, Hunt Club has at least 3 butterfly Rangers, to help create healthy habitats for pollinators, increase the biodiversity in our community, and encourage natural gardening practices. We would need help to plant native pollinator seeds. Starting with smaller gardens in the first year and expanding to larger gardens in the next. Information can be found on our website, where volunteers can also sign up to help.

Mayor’s Pledge Letter: An initiative that asks mayors of communities to sign the pledge to implant pollinator gardens across Canada. A letter was drafted to Mayor Jim Watson.

Motion: Approve the “proposed approaches” to planting as outlined in the attached proposal of approach, and to assign Zivana Pavic lead on the Butterflyway Project.
Moved by Sue McCarthy, seconded by Sabrine Barakat, carried by vote.

b. Better Homes Loan Program

Overview of the program and options to proceed:

Recommended option is: 2. Write a letter from the HCCA President to the City or respond to the survey from HCCA. Encourage individuals to complete the survey. The letter or input to the survey would address the concerns summarized in the discussion above.

Motion: For HCCA to complete the survey and draft a letter of comments.
Moved by John Reid, passed by majority vote.

c. GetGrowing Hunt Club

The GetGrowing team understands the responsibility in terms of  liability risks and is working carefully to ensure we follow all public health guidance. There is an investment of seedlings and seeds that has been pre-ordered, and there is a time sensitive aspect to make sure the plants do not perish. An overview and status of the project are in the Environmental Report

Motion: To provide the GetGrowing project team allowance to pursue options to safely distribute the plants based on the current public health restrictions.
Moved by Christine Johnson, seconded by Jason Dubue, carried by vote.

7. City Services

a. Councillor Riley Brockington’s report

  • eWaste Depot was popular, and cars were lined up around the street. The challenge is making sure the space is accessible, and to reduce the congestion issues.

8. Adjournment of Meeting

a. Next meeting: Monday, June 7, 2021

Brian gave thanks to all attendees, and to all the volunteers on projects. The association could not do without all the volunteer hours and experience that is contributed.

Motion: To adjourn the meeting.
Moved by Sue McCarthy, seconded by Sabrine Barakat, carried.

Meeting adjourned at 21:03, Next meeting will be on Monday June 7 at 19:00