Meetings & Documents

March 6, 1995

Monthly Meeting
March 6, 1995

Agenda for Meeting 6 March 1995

  1. Approval of agenda
  2. Minutes of 6 February meeting
  3. Committee reports
    • Councillor Karin Howard a) library in HC ~1000 people use bookmobile, link with Riverside Park, cost of bldg $3M city has $2M, Frume Development Hunt Club Plaza $3333/mo for 2000 sq.ft., lower rates for library are possible,
      b) CFB Uplandspool and other excess/disposable facilities
    • Councillor Wendy Stewart
    • Community Development
      i) Bowesville Road-Mario Rodrioues – meeting in 3-4 months
      ii) Garand Development status- Mario Rodrijjues
      iii) Bank and Cahill Shopping Centre Development-Allan and Fred
      iv) RMOC Visioning Exercise Mar 23 7pm Hellenic Center
      v) Community MTG with Chief of POLICE – Chief Ford in May
      vi) Nancy Seaby – bus route 96 should stay
    • Treasurer -Bill Royds
    • Social-Linda Poulsen
    • Recreation- Fred Winters
    • Membership- Peter Vasdi – key person per street?
    • Communications- Bill and Alan
  4. Old Business-
  5. Correspondence-
  6. Next meeting:-3 April 1995