Meetings & Documents

February 6, 1995

Monthly Meeting
February 6, 1995

Karin Howard sits on Ottawa Library Board for City. Bill Royds to ask Board and OLB to jointly provide a status report on HCR Library branch or facilities.

McCarthy Woods zoning Motion: that HCCO support the Karin Howard motion at City Council re rezoning McCarthy Woods dated 24 January 1995.

“WHEREAS the lands located to the west of McCarthy Road, south of the railway tracks, the southern and eastern portion known as McCarthy Woods, are currently zoned Ml(l.O) for the northern portion and P for the southern portion;
AND WHEREAS these lands are designated in Ottawa Official Plan as Environmentally Sensitive Areas, Linkage and Major Open Space, for McCarthy Woods, the northern area, and the-eastern area, respectively;
AND WHEREAS the Bruntin Study commissioned by the City of Ottawa and completed in 1992 supported an Ecologically Sensitive Designation for the area;
AND WHEREAS concern has been expressed in the community that the present Zoning designations do not reflect the Official Plan designation for these lands, nor do they reflect community opinion that, in particular, McCarthy Woods, the oldest and largest natural deciduous forest in Ottawa, be afforded permanent protection against development;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Department of Planning and Development revise the zoning of the lands known as McCarthy Woods, and any surplus parcels of land outside the boundaries of the Environmentally Sensitive Area (the lands directly north and west of McCarthy Woods delineated in the Bruntin Report), be changed to Zoning designations which are in keeping with the Official Plan designation in the area;
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Department of Planning and Development revise the Zoning and report to the Planning and Economic Development Committee on this motion before the end of 1995.”

Councillor Howard Report: Name the ward; reform of ward boundaries; accountability motion at City Council; personnel contracts in excess of $100k; open government Bill 163 Mike O’Connor; J. Sewal new act effective 1 March 1995; City of Ottawa budget hearings; Resource Center receiving $3k for Resource Center Task Force, not to be spent unless approved as a whole; special meeting at main library of Ottawa Public Library Board 13 February 7:30 pm, Chris Cavan to make presentation.

RMOC Councillor Wendy Stewart report: name the OCTranspo station at Hunt Club Road, suggestion to call it Hunt Club Station; letter tabled 17 January 1995 re representation on OCTranspo; Bowesville Road status: regional plan in a month, legal branch to proceed with public hearing; RMOC budget 1995; Police Services Board meeting schedule.

Christine Cavan is looking into the needs assessment of the community, $100k-200k to maintain.
OC bus drivers usually come to New Years Eve dance because OCTranspo doesn’t have its own dance any more.
Idea of conservation zone isn’t legal until 1 March 1995 when the Planning Act bill 163 will be approved.
Library board of Hunt Club Library branch is to provide HCCO a status report on HC library facilities.
Fred has schedule of Police Services Board meetings, next 21 February.