Meetings & Documents

September 14, 2020

Monthly Meeting
September 14, 2020


  • Brian Wade, President
  • Sue McCarthy, Vice President
  • Peter Foulger, Treasurer
  • Peter Brimacombe, Secretary
  • Christine Johnson, Director
  • Lynette Joseph-Sankey, Director
  • Marilyn Koch, Director
  • Abiodun Mosuro, Director
  • John Sankey, Director
  • Riley Brockington, City Councillor
  • Denyse Baizana
  • Rob Burnfield
  • Jason Dubue
  • Kat Gracie
  • John Reid

Regrets: Dianne Nahal

The meeting was held on Zoom at 7 pm

1. Welcome & Introductions

Brian welcomed everyone.
He invited everyone to say what they did over the summer

2. Approval of Agenda

He presented the agenda and asked for approval.
Christine Johnson asked to speak on Shearwater Court.

Approved with the addition of Shearwater Court.

3. Approval of Minutes

He asked for approval of the June minutes.

4. Councillor’s Report

Christine Johnson: Can the public attend the Ottawa Community Housing board meetings?

Riley will get back to her

5. Finance

There are two reports:

Brian Wade presented the August Summary and Peter Foulger presented the Fiscal Year End Summary.
Brian Wade noted that liability insurance was purchased for $515.16. He also asked for volunteers to do the financial review.
Christine Johnson: “Can a member do it?”
Brian Wade: “yes”

Brian Wade asked for approval of the two reports.

6. Environment and Food Security

Christine Johnson: There is a new community garden behind the Emmanuel Apostolic Church. The garden is named the Maudlin Matilda McEwan Community Garden after the mother of Bishop William’s wife.

Brian Wade: There will be a clean up of Paul Landry Park on October 17 as part of Ottawa Cleaning the Capital.

Lynette Joesph-Sankey: She got compliments about the flowers and ground cover in Paul Landry Park.

Christine Johnson: There’s another potential community garden at Bank and Ledbury.

Riley Brockington: Following a recent exchange with the CEO of Hydro One, Riley will follow-up in writing about potential community use for gardens and/or pathways on its right-of-way under the main transmission lines. The City’s Forestry Dept will be planting 7 trees in Paul Landry Park and 9 trees in Uplands/Riverside Park (Quinterra-Riverwood) this autumn.

Brian Wade: Heather who works for Forestry Canada sent him an email giving the species of the trees to be planted.

Brian Wade: He would like to recognize the Park Angels. They are people who have contributed to Paul Landry Park. John Sankey, Lynette Joseph-Sankey and Dianne Nahal.

7. Communications & Outreach

Brian Wade The September issue of the newsletter just went out.

Jason Dubue and Kat Gracie did the work on the new web site
Kat Gracie Thanks to John Sankey for historical material.

Sue McCarthy The new web site is more flexible and allows for more advertising.
Jason Dubue People can buy a membership on-line.
Brian Wade The Square software ensures that credit card information is secure. Credit card details are not stored on the web site.

Christine Johnson There will be an online Zoom event “Let’s Talk About Our Hunt Club Community”
There will be two Zoom sessions. Monday September 21 at 7 pm and Saturday September 26 at 11 am. To register send an email to

Marilyn Koch: She is proud of our community but there are two houses that are not appropriate. A house on Lillico where heavy construction equipment is stored and the house at 3422 Uplands which is abandoned.

8. City Services

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) sent a notice to Brian that there was an  application for a cannabis store at the Hunt Club Centre on McCarthy. Brian replied with a letter opposing the application. The letter included the same objections as Riley’s and the City’s noting that the proposed store is too close to McCarthy Park, The Community Centre, both of which are frequently used by youth.

Paving Hunt Club Road between Paul Anka and the Airport Parkway
Brian Wade: He sent a letter to the City urging the Road be repaved.
Riley Brockington: That section of the Road needs to be repaved. It is earmarked for 2021 but it could be later. He talked to City staff and suggested the right lane, westbound as a priority.

Riley to look for budget

Claridge Development on Hunt Club Road
Brian Wade: Barb Shea and Peter Brimacombe submitted comments to the City.
Riley Brockington: Claridge has submitted a site plan for the second building. Instead of 140 hotel rooms there are 77 apartment units. The end result is better.

Private Pathway to Twyford
Brian Wade: The pathway is not accessible to people with walkers. There needs to be a curb cut at Twyford.
Riley Brockington: The City does not maintain private pathways. HCCA should write a letter saying that accessibility should be the priority.

HCCA to write letter

Ward Boundary Review
Riley Brockington: Some of the options would split the Hunt Club Community in two. He asked the City for a new option. Option 6 is the best. Who would like to work on it?

Sue McCarthy and Peter Brimacombe will work on it

Housing Rental Bylaw
Riley Brockington: The City passed a bylaw on multi unit housing. Landlords who have buildings with 5 or more units must be more proactive. The bylaw falls short of licensing landlords.

Shearwater Court
Christine Johnson: This is an Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) Project. The roads are in tough shape. She wrote a letter to OCH and Riley Brockington. OCH housing said they will be fixed up.
Riley Brockington: A work crew was about to cut down some trees at Shearwater Court but he stopped them. The cost of labour and asphalt is going up a lot.

\Christine Johnson will keep up.

9. Governance

Brian Wade: The Annual General Meeting is November 2. The Bylaws should be changed to allow the President to Chair the Governance Committee. This is a notice to change the Bylaws.

Peter Brimacombe will work with Brian Wade to come up with the wording

Christine Johnson: She is in charge of election of officers. She will ask candidates to fill out an application form

Brian Wade: He thanked Rob Burnfield, John Reed, Kat Gracie, Jason Dubue and Denyse Baizana for their attendance.

10. Adjournment of Meeting

Next meeting: October 5 at 19.00