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GetGrowing Hunt Club

This project was established to grow local produce in our community, by providing seedling kits to Hunt Club Community residents

Please be aware, due to recent COVID-19 provincial restrictions, there may be changes to our process or distribution dates. We will email all registrants with updates ahead of time. Thank you

GetGrowing Hunt Club

Sunday, May 16, 2021
Location TBC

GetGrowing! Hunt Club is a program established in 2020 to grow produce locally in our community, by obtaining and distributing free garden kits to residents in the Hunt Club Community. Last year we distributed over 450 kits of seedlings and seeds.

We are excited to get growing again this year! Register to reserve your free garden kit.

Our goal is to share resources and knowledge so that residents can grow food in their own backyard. To help prove the value of this program with potential sponsors, we value your suggestions for improving GetGrowing. Please include your feedback in the comments when registering, or email stories to

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Click here if you live in Shearwater or Ashgrove.

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Supplies are limited! We are unable to guarantee a GetGrowing kit if you live outside of the Hunt Club community boundaries shown at the bottom of this page.


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    March 16, 2021 – 1pm
    Going beyond the how-to, this webinar will explore some of the science behind indoor seed-starting success, and will help everyone with an interest in indoor growing understand the hows and whys a bit better. Through the lens of plant biology, we will look at the temperature, moisture, light, and nutrient requirements of your seedlings, as well as tips for pruning and transplanting.

    Content is geared towards people age 11 and up, but all are welcome.

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