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Renée-Claude is a biologist and teacher, working as Science Advisor at the Canada Agriculture Food Museum. She is passionate about sharing her expertise on soil health, gardening, and the science and innovation driving sustainability in agriculture. Always experimenting, Renée-Claude loves to grow unusual crop varieties and to test out different gardening techniques in her own garden and at the museum.

The Secret Life of Soil

The Secret Life of Soil – Webinar

Recorded July 16, 2020

We often think of soil as “just dirt”. But did you know that one teaspoon of garden soil contains more living things than there are people on Earth? Thanks to all these bacteria, fungi, and microscopic critters, soil is able to grow crops, to absorb and filter water, and to store away carbon from the air.

When we garden, our actions have an impact on these underground communities. Science is helping us understand how we should be treating soil, in order to keep it healthy and productive.

Through this presentation, you will learn some of the science behind healthy soils, and learn gardening tips and techniques that will help you create a more resilient, sustainable and bountiful garden.

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Recorded March 16, 2021

No need to wait for the snow to melt to get gardening! With Canada’s long winters and short summers, some of our garden crops benefit from a head start – tomatoes, peppers, and basil are some examples. While many of us get our seedlings from nurseries when it’s time to plant, often, options are limited and costs can rack up.

Starting your own seeds is fun, rewarding, and opens up a world of options when it comes to selecting varieties to grow.

Going beyond the how-to, this webinar will explore some of the science behind indoor seed-starting success, and will help everyone with an interest in indoor growing understand the hows and whys a bit better. Through the lens of plant biology, we will look at the temperature, moisture, light, and nutrient requirements of your seedlings, as well as tips for pruning and transplanting.

Content is geared towards people age 11 and up, but all are welcome.

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