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Build Your Own Little Free Library

By Christine Johnson

Build Your Own Little Free Library

Mar 9, 2021 - By Christine Johnson

We’ve got four of these already in Hunt Club, but I’ve only found three! One in the sector between McCarthy Rd and Plante Drive, and two in the Hunt Club Woods sector. Apparently there is a third one there on Singer Place. I’ve looked for it, but can’t see it. If you find it, please post it here. So far, none in Quinterra-Woods (West of Riverside Drive) nor in Hunt Club Estates (between Hunt Club Rd + the Hydro Right-of-Way and McCarthy Rd).

So, why not erect a whole bunch more of these free little libraries throughout our community? We know we are a reading community without our own public library branch, so this is one way we can share our love of books with one another, all within walking distance.

If you are of the ‘handy person persuasion’, here are instructions to build and install your project:

Looking for more inspiration? You will find all kinds of other ideas to inspire your project here:

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