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Councillor’s Corner
March 2021

By Riley Brockington

Councillor’s Corner

March 2021
Mar 7, 2021 - By Riley Brockington

Dear Hunt Club Neighbours,

My office continues to field a number of questions about COVID vaccines. The combined efforts of Ottawa Public Health and the City of Ottawa are leading the local vaccination campaign.

Starting the first week of March, vaccinations began for those 80+ or adults with chronic home care needs, who live in 7 at-risk neighbourhoods.  Priority will be given to these adults in other high risk neighbourhoods, where the prevalence of COVID is significantly higher than other neighbourhoods.   A section of our community, classified in the Ottawa Neighbourhood Study, as “Hunt Club East – Western Community” will be identified as a priority community and should be called on soon.

Once the priority, at-risk neighbourhoods are vaccinated, a general call across Ottawa will be made for all 80+ year olds and adults living at home and receiving chronic home care.

Thank-you for your patience, we are almost there.  Once the 80+ cohort is vaccinated, the next cohort, 75+ will be called, descending by age to the next cohorts.   Ottawa Public Health is using age as the most pressing criteria to prioritize vaccinations within the general population, as data clearly indicates that older adults have a more serious chance of death or hospitalization if they acquire COVID.

Please visit the Ottawa Public Health website at for updates on when the next communities and/or age groups will be called upon.

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Riley Brockington

City Councillor, River Ward


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