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Butterfly Puddling Station

By Katarina Zelenika

Butterfly Puddling Station

May 23, 2021 - By Katarina Zelenika

On sunny summer days after rain, we may see butterflies gathering around the edges of mud puddles in nature. Have you ever wondered why? Butterflies get most of their nutrition from flower nectar but they need moisture. They also re-mineralize their bodies by bathing in mud puddles which are rich in salt and minerals.

If you wish to enjoy the sight of butterflies in your garden this season, help them by providing a butterfly puddling station. You can easily make it yourself! For this quick project you can use a bird bath which you may already have or just a larger-size terra cotta saucer with some gravel, and a couple of rocks on which the butterflies can land to sip mineralized water. If you do not have a terra cotta saucer at hand, use a plastic saucer. Either way, the saucer should have a raised edge so that butterflies can land easily. Fill the saucer with sand and a bit of manure compost, mix it together, and add water until the sand is wet. Place the saucer either in a bird bath, on a large flat stone or on the soil. Make sure to refill with water when the sand gets dry. Watch a step-by-step video on how to make butterfly puddling station.

Butterfly Puddling Station

Also, on the top of your puddling station (for example, at one corner), you can place another smaller-size saucer with fruits (ripe or overripe) such as banana, sliced apples, oranges or other. Butterflies and other insects will love it.

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