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Be Cool

By John D. Reid

Be Cool

May 22, 2021 - By John D. Reid

Ottawa is a great place to live, but nobody chooses it for the climate. Summer heat and winter cold are stressful. We look forward to warmth in January and get too much of it in July. Here are tips for living more comfortably when the thermometer climbs.

Know the weather conditions beforehand. There’s plenty of weather information via the media and short-term forecasts are very accurate. Plan activities accordingly. Listen for heat warnings from the City and know places where you can cool off.

Hunt Club has two splash pads, at Owl Park and McCarthy Park. Two others are nearby south of Walkley. Arnett Park is west of McCarthy and Stanstead Park to the east. Mooney’s Bay beach is close by.

Wear light clothing, which reflects the sun’s rays, and sunscreen. Be especially careful if you are susceptible to sunburn. Limit exposure and be sure to reapply sunscreen after going in the water.

Avoid exercising at peak hours of heat, or exercise in an air-conditioned gym. Plan outdoor exercise during the early morning or evening. If competing in an event during the heat of the day acclimatize your body to conditions in advance.

Drink fluids regularly. We perspire and lose water to cool off. If your mouth feels dry it’s a sign of dehydration so drink plain water and plenty of it. Infants, children, and the elderly need to be especially careful not to become dehydrated. Sports drinks may be appropriate to replace electrolytes if exercising for an hour or more.



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