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Hunt Club High Rises
How well do you know your community?

By John D. Reid

Hunt Club High Rises

How well do you know your community?
Mar 22, 2021 - By John D. Reid

Do you know the high rises in our community? You may be surprised; they’re spread out from east to west.

Starting in the east at 136 Darlington Private is this 11 storey, 80 unit high rise built by Tamarack in 2005. It’s known as The Landmark, officially Ottawa-Carleton Standard Condominium Cooperation No 697.

There’s information on amenities and sale prices through the years here.



Centrally located in our area are two rental buildings at Uplands and Paul Anka Drives, serviced by buses on two routes, close to shopping and the community centre.

Gilboa Place Apartments at 3301 Uplands Drive is on the northeast corner of the intersection and comprised of two offset blocks. There are 1 and 2 bedroom units with rents from $1,350 per month inclusive of heat, hydro and water. There’s further information from District Realty.



On the northwest corner, at 3360 Paul Anka Drive is 12-storey Royalton Place. The footprint is three wings with studio,1 and 2 bedroom units which rent from $1,250 to $1,475. Find out more from the rental agent.

Air conditioning is not mentioned as a feature of these buildings.  Before you rent, ask residents and look for comments about the building and facilities on social media.


At the Rideau River end of our Hunt Club community are two luxury condominium high rises together known as Riverside Gate. At 3590 Riverdale Ave, OCSCC 667 was registered under the Condominium Act in 2003. It has 149 units. Its twin, oriented at right angles, is 3580 Riverdale Ave. OCSCC 769 was registered under the Condominium Act in 2007 with 144 units. There’s information on these properties here.



You may have noticed something unusual in the previous photo — unusual that is for Hunt Club — hydro lines on poles. They cross Riverside Drive north of Uplands on a slant, a remnant of the time when they ran alongside the Bowesville Road. This photo, taken from where the road crosses the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club shows the hydro wires still present with Riverside Gate seen in the distance. And there’s another high rise on the left.



Unlike the others, it’s commercial, occupied by IBM since they acquired Cognos in 2007 for $5 billion. At 3755 Riverside Drive, there are two towers. The larger 10-storey 180,000 sq. ft. building constructed in 2000 connects to the original six-storey tower, erected in 1985, by an elevated walkway.


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