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Hunt Club is Green

By John D. Reid

Hunt Club is Green

Apr 14, 2021 - By John D. Reid

Do you look forward to this time of year? Fresh green is the colour of the season, With McCarthy Woods, the adjacent Southern Nature Corridor, the Hunt and Golf Club, and various parks, there’s more than 50% green in this satellite image of our communities.

Travel anywhere in Hunt Club and you’ll see tree-lined streets and pathways.

Measurements show a seasonal drop in carbon dioxide in the air, green is the signal mother nature is incorporating it into grass and leaves, helping to limit climate change. The greener the better.

Mother nature could do with your help to limit climate change in Hunt Club. Here are five things you can do.

  • Cycle, walk, use public transit
  • Make your next vehicle electric
  • Plant or adopt and maintain a tree
  • Improve the insulation in your home
  • Consider a heat pump when replacing your furnace or air conditioner

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