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Little Libraries in Hunt Club

By Christine Johnson

Little Libraries in Hunt Club

Feb 5, 2021 - By Christine Johnson

Hunt Clubbites are readers!  As a way to share their reading materials, skilled and creative residents have built and erected ‘Free Little Libraries’ throughout our Hunt Club community. These are basically large boxes with a door that shuts tightly, mounted on a post. People place books that they have already read in the box. Others come and take one of the books, often replacing it with one or more of their own which they have already enjoyed reading. The idea is to promote and nurture a reading community.

Here are the three ‘Free Little Libraries’ that I have spotted in our Hunt Club community: 3 photos attached.

Can you locate all three of them? (Hint: two are in ‘Hunt Club Woods’; one is in the ‘Owl Park Neighbourhood’ east of McCarthy Rd.)

Where would YOU like to see another ‘Free Little Library’ installed in our community?


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