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Get Growing Hunt Club: Year Two

By Barb Shea

Get Growing Hunt Club: Year Two

Feb 2, 2021 - By Barb Shea

Last year over 450 seed kits (with one package of seeds and one seedling in each) were given free of charge to Hunt Club residents. The event was called Get Growing Hunt Club. Thanks to funding from the Hunt Club Community Association and Councillor Riley Brockington once again, we are happy to announce there will be Get Growing Hunt Club 2021!

Get Growing is designed to help discover and support the joys of gardening and the benefits of growing our own nutritious food. We can grow salad greens in a pot in a sunny window, when the weather warms we can grow vegetables outside on a sunny doorstep, a balcony, small space or larger gardens. While it’s currently winter, it’s still fun to dream about growing our own salad greens or harvesting delicious beans, tomatoes or peppers in the summer and fall. There will be information on growing and tending vegetables and much more. If you’d like to stay current on the 2021 Get Growing Hunt Club event please visit the Hunt Club Community Association website, follow the HCCA on Facebook or Twitter and if you’d like to be on the list of those interested in receiving seeds/seedling please register at

Regster for GetGrowing 2021

Please consider supporting the local seed growers and supplies who contributed to the event’s success last year: Greta’s Organic Garden, GAIA Organic Seeds, Lee Valley, Artistic Landscape Design Ltd and Green Thumb Nursery.

We know supplies will be limited and will do our utmost to provide to all who are interested.  If you have any suggestions or comments about the upcoming program or would like to volunteer in some way please send an email to:

To plant a garden, is to believe in the future.

HCCA President Brian Wade picking up some seeds           

HCCA President Brian Wade and Councillor Riley Brockington picking up some seeds

Get Growing Team

One thought on “Get Growing Hunt Club: Year Two

  1. How exciting Barb that you are prepared to lead a second year of the Get Growing Hunt Club project, thank you! It sure helped with the success of our Maudlin Matilda McEwan Community Garden on McCarthy Rd last year. AND …
    It allowed all of us to meet many other interesting Hunt Club neighbours. Looking forward to this year’s crop.

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