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Natural Beauty in Our Community

By Lynette Joseph-Sankey

Natural Beauty in Our Community

Aug 18, 2021 - By Lynette Joseph-Sankey

Since relocating to the Hunt Club Community a dozen years ago, what impressed me most, and continues to do so, is its natural beauty of Green Spaces (Picture #1) that are freely open to the public.

Here, there are seven parks, where you can see animals and hear birds with a repertoire of songs to defend territory, get a mate or chicks calling out to be fed. Those sounds frequently make me smile and fill my day with joy.

In one backyard in our community (ours), there have been many visits of wild creatures: 7 types of mammals; 352 different insects; 42 kinds of birds; and a frog that lives in the pond. These all came from our natural spaces.

Today, I visited the Southern Corridor in our community. The various shades of green took my breath away. As I walked along a path (Picture #2) I stopped and created mental images of what the lovely Queen Ann’s Lace closed and open blooms (Picture #3) would look in a painting or drawing, and I aim to do the latter to capture their beauty on a sunny day.

As a resident, I am extremely thankful to live where Green Space explodes with beauty and boosts our environment with: grass, trees, shrubs or edibles, in our parks, community gardens, around creeks, recreation sites, and around several public and private spaces.

I appreciate walks in Green Spaces away from the noise of traffic, as it can reduce stress and contribute to the mental and physical wellbeing of people.

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