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Snowman Scavenger Hunt

By Christine Johnson

Snowman Scavenger Hunt

Jan 25, 2021 - By Christine Johnson

Looks like we’ve got our creative juices flowing, Hunt Club! Snowmen and other snow sculptures have popped up throughout our neighbourhoods.

Below are photographs of over 125 snow sculptures spotted throughout our community. Some are small, some are huge, some have lost their head, some come as a pair. Each one adds a splash of character and joy to every street.

Do you have any favourites? How many of these snowmen/sculptures can you locate in Hunt Club? Discover new streets and neighbourhoods in your community by going on a Snowman Scavenger Hunt and let us know in the comments, how many you can find. Feel free to submit your snow sculptures on our Facebook post too! Have fun!

Heart of Hunt Club
Hunt Club Woods
Owl Park area

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