Meetings & Documents

April 12, 2021

Monthly Meeting
April 12, 2021


  1. Welcome and Introductions (10 Minutes)
  2. Approval of the Agenda (5 Minutes)
  3. Consent Agenda (5 Minutes)
    1. Meeting Minutes – Monday March 1, 2021
    2. Treasurer’s Report
    3. Hunt Club Riverside Park Steering Committee Meeting Summary
    4. Environment Committee Report
    5. Stream Watch Report
  4. City Services (65 Minutes)
    1. Councillor Riley Brockington’s Report (25 Minutes)
      April Report for Hunt Club
      Owl Park Plants
    2. Local Issues (40 Minutes)
  5. Other Business (20 Minutes)
  6. Adjournment of Meeting
    1. Next Meeting: Monday May 3, 2021


  1. Brian Wade, President
  2. Sue McCarthy, Vice President
  3. Sabrine Barakat, Treasurer
  4. Jason Dubue, Secretary
  5. Christine Johnson, Director
  6. John Reid, Director
  7. Kat Gracie, Director
  8. Lynette Joseph-Sankey, Director
  9. Marilyn Koch, Director
  10. Peter Foulger, Director
  11. Zivana Pavic, Director
  12. Riley Brockington, City Councillor
  13. Cathy Bourguignon
  14. Dora Joseph
  15. France Picard
  16. Ijeoma Udechukwu
  17. James Mihaychuk
  18. Kathy Wright
  19. Matt Page
  20. May Douba
  21. Nancy Grenon
  22. Norman & Patricia McLeod
  23. Peter Brimacombe
  24. Piero Narducci
  25. Salma Al-shehabi
  26. Tania Mushka
  27. Vince Bowman
  28. Greg West

Meeting Minutes

1. Welcome and Introductions

a. Introductions

Brian welcomed everyone to the monthly meeting.

2. Approval of the Agenda

a. Agenda: April 12, 2021

  • Add “Library Services” to [5. Other]
  • Add “Rain Barrels” to [5. Other]

Motion: To accept the agenda for this meeting,
Approved, carried by vote

3. Consent Agenda

c. Hunt Club Riverside Park Steering Committee Meeting Summary

e. Stream Watch Report

Motion: To approve the consent agenda.
Moved by Sabrine Barakat, seconded by Sue McCarthy, carried by vote.

4. City Services

a. Councillor Riley Brockington’s report

COVID-19 Vaccinations
Riley began with current information on vaccinations, as there are 3 different systems, and the news changes rapidly. (At time of meeting) 50+ in K1V hotspot can call to book an appointment. The City of Ottawa is offering the vaccine to 60+ city-wide. Pharmacies are booking 55+. Indigenous, First Nation, First-Responders, special education teachers, some front facing essential workers, are currently eligible for a vaccine.

Residents voiced concern about not having a second vaccine date when not using the provincial booking system. Riley will verify the scheduled date to call patients for a second appointment when booked through OPH pop-up clinics.

There was a question regarding why there are a reduced number of drive-through testing sites. Riley will try to get answers and follow up.

April’s Detailed Report:

Owl Park: New proposed plants
21 new plants are planned for Owl Park. If there are any concerns with the listed species, please let Riley know. List of species and locations are attached.

The New Official Plan project team will be releasing a document. “As We Heard It” identifies key themes and questions raised by the public. It will be broken down by ward. Staff will answer those key concerns and questions that were sent to them. 

John asked how the plan will affect the Southern nature corridor, between McCarthy Woods and the Rideau River. Riley will ask the author of the OP report.

Basketball Courts: Riley will ask the City to affix a notice on the current court, to inform people of the new official size basketball court.  Zane raised a good concern last meeting, about the proximity to the parking lot, and the City has agreed to look into it further.

OC Transpo: With all the changes in transit routes, what can people do to prepare for the changes coming—especially some of the struggles that more vulnerable people can expect?
Staff will be presenting criteria in April, should more changes come. It will determine the ground rules for future modifications to routes. The Commision has to be mindful that there are people who take transit as a necessity. They have to be careful when cutting routes.

Chalk River Laboratories Proposal: There is a proposal to build a massive toxic-material storage facility about 1km away from Ottawa River, and to accept toxic-waste from across Canada. There is a major concern that it may leak into the Ottawa River and our drinking water supply. More information can be provided at the next meeting. David McGuinty would be the best person to send your questions.

Grass restoration: The City provides a program that restores grass on public and private properties that has been disrupted by snow plows. Just call 311 with the location, and they will lay soil and grass seed.

b. Local Issues

Helicopter Noise

Quite loud propeller noise from hovering helicopters could be heard for roughly 8 hours at a time for 2 consecutive days, about a month ago. The NRC on airport property has been doing research on occasion. It is not known how often they do this testing. The Director from NRC would be willing to have further conversation with the community if desired. A spokesperson admitted there has been an issue with the noise in the community. The wind direction can affect the sound levels as well.

The association has already contacted our MP, David McGuinty to find out more information about the issue, and how this could be resolved. Logs indicating when helicopter noise can be heard have been kept by multiple members.

Additional concerns raised regarding cars with excessive noise. This is enforced by the Ottawa Police. Try to establish a trend if it happens consistently. Note the day & time, to provide the Police. Riley will try to provide more information next month.

Shopping Carts

Shopping carts from Hunt Club Centre tend to get scattered around the neighbourhood, and there have been reports to HCCA from residents. These shopping carts cost roughly $300-500. RioCan doesn’t pick up carts outside of their property line.

Suggestions from members included a coin-return system, or boundary-locked wheels, teen volunteers (get their hours) to help bring back carts. If you see a cart, bring it back if possible or take a picture and send it to Riley, to pass on to By-Law. 

It may be beneficial to identify who is leaving these carts, and providing more vulnerable individuals with private shopping carts to help mitigate.

Riley suggested to send him a letter and identify key areas where carts tend to gather. It’s not the store’s fault, but they do have an obligation to collect them. Each cart should have an identifiable logo for the store it belongs to.

HCCA Submission Regarding Residential Vacant Unit Tax

The decision to proceed has not happened yet, they are still gathering information. The HCCA has composed a letter to submit to the City of Ottawa regarding the Residential Vacant Unit Tax:

Peter Brimacombe agreed with the letter, but raised the problem that affordable housing is gone. The measures that we can use to tweak it are also gone now.

Salma brought up that there is a shortage of housing, and that this solution is not a long-term sustainable solution. We need more housing supply.

5. Other Business

a. Library Services

HCCA Library Committee sent questions to the OPL board for their next agenda, for their AdHoc committee, regarding their Facilities study. “How will the AdHoc committee ensure redesigning the Library experience addresses barriers to service experienced by Hunt Club residents?” And “how will the AdHoc committee ensure community involvement before the criteria of the Master Plan is set?” OPL disregarded these questions for their agenda. Riley said that he would provide John with time on their next board meeting.

What do our residents need more of, in regards to library services?
There are no libraries accessible within 20 minutes by transit, or 15 minutes by walking.

What will OPL do specifically over the next 2 years to close the service gap in our community?

b. Rain Barrels

Christine provided an update on the Rain Barrel fundraiser. $10 from each barrel will go towards joint-programs that help both Riverside Park and Hunt Club. We jumped from 31 barrels to 57 this week. Our goal is 75 barrels by the 16th.

c. Other

Christine asked to add “School councils and how they can strengthen the community” to the next meeting agenda.

City of Ottawa spells out a new bylaw that covers short-term rentals (<30 days). Apr 22 committee meeting of planning and bylaw.

OCDSB will still be accepting feedback from communities regarding police in schools.

Community & Protective services considering using money for maintaining social housing, and give more subsidies to people who need it. There may be people impacted in our neighbourhood.

6. Adjournment of Meeting

a. Next meeting: Monday, May 3, 2021

Motion: To adjourn the meeting.
Moved by Lynette Joseph-Sankey, seconded by Jason Dubue, carried.

Meeting adjourned at 21:07, Next meeting will be on Monday May 3 at 19:00