Meetings & Documents

March 1, 2021

Monthly Meeting
March 1, 2021

  1. Brian Wade, President
  2. Sue McCarthy, Vice President
  3. Sabrine Barakat, Treasurer
  4. Jason Dubue, Secretary
  5. Christine Johnson, Past President
  6. Abiodun Mosuro, Director
  7. John Reid, Director
  8. Kat Gracie, Director
  9. Lynette Joseph-Sankey, Director
  10. Marilyn Koch, Director
  11. Peter Foulger, Director
  12. Zivana Pavic, Director
  13. Riley Brockington, City Councillor
  14. Erin McCracken, Assistant to Riley
  15. Barb Shea
  16. Cathy Bourguignon
  17. Dora Joseph
  18. France Picard
  19. Ijeoma Udechukwu
  20. James Mihaychuk
  21. Kathy Comfort
  22. Kathy Wright
  23. Louise Rousseau
  24. Matt Page
  25. Noella-Mae Bussieres Butler
  26. Tony van der Mout
  27. Norman & Patricia McLeod
  28. Peter Brimacombe
  29. Troy Francis
  30. Zane Ouej
  31. Michael Brossoit, City of Ottawa
  32. Theophilus Tettey, City of Ottawa
  33. Amanda Thompson, City of Ottawa
  34. Duncan Elliott, TransitNEXT
  35. Mandy Downes, TransitNEXT

Meeting Minutes

1. Welcome and Introductions

a. Introductions

Brian welcomed everyone to the monthly meeting. We refrained from the usual round of greetings due to the number of participants. This allowed more time for discussions or questions for a planned presentation on the LRT Phase 2, O-Train project.

2. Approval of the Agenda

a. Agenda: March 1, 2021

Brian presented the Agenda for approval:

  • Add “Tree Giveaway” under [6. Other]
  • Add “Library Services report” under [6. Other]
  • Add “Finance” motion under [6. Other]

Motion: To accept the agenda for this meeting.
Moved by John Reid, seconded by Sabrine Barakat, carried by vote

3. Consent Agenda

a. Minutes: Monday February 1, 2021

d. Environment Committee Report

Motion: To approve the consent agenda.
Moved by Lynette Joseph-Sankey , seconded by Zivana Pavic

4. City Services

a. Presentation: LTR Phase-2, O-Train South Extension

Michael Brossoit, Amanda Thompson and Theo Tettey from the City of Ottawa, and Duncan Elliott and Mandy Downes from TransitNEXT, were present to provide insight into the O-Train South Extension construction project. The presentation is available here:


Topics covered in the Q&A session:

  • Many concerns were voiced regarding no bathrooms in South Keys station:
    Linebank, Bayview, Airport, and some retail near South Keys have bathrooms, but could still be a distance to get to, especially for seniors. Riley suggested writing a formal letter to Riley and Dianne.
  • The old single-line track will incorporate double-line sections to allow cars to switch.
  • OC Transpo service for further areas (ex. Riverside/Uplands) will maintain local access routes going to South Keys.
  • No planned changes to parking at Greenboro (free). EY Centre is privately owned property and parking is up to the owners to manage.
  • 1% for public art is being adhered to the Stage-2 project.
  • Bike parking area. What is policy with Bikes?
  • A bylaw was passed by city council; bikes & scooters will be permitted on the train. It is uncertain if this will change when the lines eventually connect, and ridership returns.

Contact Riley if you have any questions, and they will get back to us.

b. Councillor Riley Brockington’s report

The Councillor presented a written report:

Proceeding with construction of McCarthy Park basketball court, with 2 options:
1 regulation size court, or 2 half-size courts:
Majority vote on option 2, the regulation size court.

Concerns raised over outside public booking the court and taking time away from local residents who want to play.

c. Pathway at 168 Twyford Street

A pathway that Twyford Street to Uplands Court Condos (CC143/CC109). Half of the pathway is owned by the City of Ottawa. The curb at Twyford does not have a cut to the road, for accessibility. Riley’s office is pushing forward the cut for the pathway curb. The snow removal issue will require a discussion between the CC143 and the City of Ottawa to come to an agreement. If needed, possibly a petition.

d. Residential Vacant Unit Tax

Peter Brimbacome would like to participate to help write an official submission from HCCA.

5. Other

a. Tree Giveaway

EcologyOttawa is hosting a Tree Giveaway, and could be a great initiative for the neighbourhood. Riley would prefer if HCCA took the lead.

It is unknown what type of trees are available, however you can see the various types of trees given away in previous years. Lynette would like to know what type of trees.

Motion: The HCCA participates in EcologyOttawa’s Tree Giveaway initiative.
Moved by Sue McCarthy , seconded by John Reid, motion passed.

b. Library Services

Christine provided an update report.

c. Finance

Motion: To reimburse Christine Johnson for Community Garden ($134.37)
Moved by Sabrine Barakat , seconded by Sue McCarthy, motion passed.

6. Adjournment of Meeting

a. Next meeting: Monday, April 12, 2021

Motion: To adjourn the meeting.
Moved by Jason Dubue seconded by Sabrine Barakat.

Meeting adjourned at 21:04, Next meeting will be on Monday April 12 at 19:00