Councillor’s Corner

Ottawa’s Vaccination Updates
Beginning Tuesday, May 18, the Province extended vaccine appointments to residents 18 years and older. As of Sunday, May 23, youth between 12 and 17 years of age are eligible to book a vaccine. Book yours with the provincial online booking system at or call 1-833-943-3900.

Second dose information
Residents who are waiting to schedule the date of their second vaccine dose will be able to access an appointment within the specified interval. The second dose interval for some is approaching next month. A solution is in place to accommodate appointments for these individuals. Contact my office to have your name included on our second dose notification list if you require this information. You can also sign up for the COVID-19 vaccination updates e-subscription for regular news on the vaccine roll-out, including updates on second doses.

Hunt Club resurfacing
Hunt Club Road westbound from the Airport Parkway to Paul Anka Drive is scheduled to be resurfaced sometime this year. The project has yet to be finalized. Once it is, it will then go through the tender process and a contract will be awarded. Staff will keep my office updated and I will share information about the schedule and traffic impacts with the association and local residents.

Pollinator Garden
I am supporting the creation of a new pollinator garden with nine varieties of native wildflowers and two butterfly houses at the front of the Hunt Club-Riverside Park Community Centre this Spring. City staff are also planning to make “pollinators” the theme of the City’s summer camps at the centre and have the campers maintain the garden before local residents take over its care this autumn. The new garden is an excellent opportunity for residents of all ages to become involved in their local community, to instil a sense of local pride, support natural ecosystems and enhance the natural beauty of the area. The garden itself will feature asters, butterfly bushes, milkweed, echinacea, yarrow, salvia, black-eyed Susans, day-lilies and stonecrop/sedum.

Sawmill Creek Pathway Upgrades
Three segments of the Sawmill Creek Multi-Use Pathway are scheduled to be rehabilitated this year. One section is at the northern end to the west side of the pond, and west of the north end of the Greenboro Station’s park and ride. A second section is on the west side of the middle pond directly west of Loblaws at the South Keys Shopping Centre. The third location is on the east side of the southerly pond east of Michael’s at the shopping centre. The exact dates for the pathway’s rehabilitation in 2021 have not been finalized.

Stage 2 Trillium LRT Construction:
Work on the Trillium Line, which is extending south 16 kilometres from Bayview to Limebank in Riverside South, is progressing. This massive project includes eight new stations, renovations to five existing stations, a new Walkley Yard Maintenance and Storage Facility and an airport link. To date, the Stage 2 LRT Construction Team has installed 127 girders on 14 rail and pedestrian bridges across the entire O-Train South extension.

Greenboro LRT Station
Greenboro Station is an existing transfer station on the O-Train South Line that will receive a new, longer platform. Crews have completed demolition, and platform construction is underway. Structural backfilling is ongoing, as are formwork, rebar and concrete works. This year, crews will also continue prepping and laying track in this area. Across the South Line, track work between Walkley and Greenboro Stations is expected to be the first segment completed in Summer 2021.

South Keys LRT Station
Concrete foundation work is now complete at the new South Keys Station. Forming and reinforcement of the walls that will support the platform continue and installation of engineered, lightweight fill is underway north of the station. In the coming months, crews will proceed with installing light weight fill and utilities south of the station. Backfilling and waterproofing of the pedestrian tunnels and station walls are ongoing, as are formwork, rebar and concrete works at the platform level. A slight change in the temporary multi-use pathway was implemented April 21 and will be in place until June 14. This serves as a temporary detour of a segment of the MUP to route pedestrians and cyclists around the work zone and to maintain station access. Throughout the duration of the station’s construction, the MUP will be altered to make way for construction. Pedestrians and cyclists will be required to pay attention and adhere to flagging personnel and detour signage to reach their destination.

Hunt Club Rail-over-Road Bridge and MUP
The Hunt Club MUP will run along the rail bridge to connect South Keys Station via the Sawmill Creek Pathway to pathways south of Hunt Club Road. Pedestrians and cyclists using this new link will be safely separated from rail lines by a 2.4-metre-high cement barrier. The crane and drill rig have been demobilized from the Hunt Club Road median following the completion of the drilling of the caissons, which form the deep foundations that will support the bridge structure above. The remediation work now includes caisson remediation and excavation work to prepare for the column pours. Fencing has been installed around the site to minimize traffic disruptions.

Urban Cycling Workshop
Join me for Urban Cycling – a Virtual Workshop presented by EnviroCentre’s Let’s Bike Program on June 21 at 6:30 p.m. Delivered by an experienced cyclist, this workshop will provide participants with tips on incorporating cycling into their everyday lives. You’ll learn helpful hints, rules of the road, and receive advice on choosing a route to your destination. This workshop is adapted for cyclists of every age and ability. REGISTER AT:

Riley Brockington.
City Councillor, River Ward
Conseiller municipal, Quartier Rivière


Councillor’s Corner

Dear Hunt Club Neighbours,

My office continues to field a number of questions about COVID vaccines. The combined efforts of Ottawa Public Health and the City of Ottawa are leading the local vaccination campaign.

Starting the first week of March, vaccinations began for those 80+ or adults with chronic home care needs, who live in 7 at-risk neighbourhoods.  Priority will be given to these adults in other high risk neighbourhoods, where the prevalence of COVID is significantly higher than other neighbourhoods.   A section of our community, classified in the Ottawa Neighbourhood Study, as “Hunt Club East – Western Community” will be identified as a priority community and should be called on soon.

Once the priority, at-risk neighbourhoods are vaccinated, a general call across Ottawa will be made for all 80+ year olds and adults living at home and receiving chronic home care.

Thank-you for your patience, we are almost there.  Once the 80+ cohort is vaccinated, the next cohort, 75+ will be called, descending by age to the next cohorts.   Ottawa Public Health is using age as the most pressing criteria to prioritize vaccinations within the general population, as data clearly indicates that older adults have a more serious chance of death or hospitalization if they acquire COVID.

Please visit the Ottawa Public Health website at for updates on when the next communities and/or age groups will be called upon.

If you have not yet registered, please subscribe to my monthly e-newsletter, by contacting my office.


Riley Brockington

City Councillor, River Ward


Pending Infrastructure Work in the Hydro One Corridor

Dear Neighbours on Linton Road, Southmore Drive (East and West), Dickinson Avenue, Fielding Court and Kitchener Avenue. My office has been notified by Hydro One of an application to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) for permission to reconductor approximately 11.9km of a high-transmission line which includes the corridor that runs east to west across River Ward just north of McCarthy Woods and south of your street.

Over the last month, I have been working closely with both the Riverside Park Community Association and Ellwood’s Ridgemont Community Association to address a number of issues related to this project.

Hydro One has advised that the work is to replace the conductors on existing circuits (M30A/M31A) with a two-conductor bundle. The voltage of the line will not change and will remain 230kV. The only change is the current carrying ampacity of the line will increase from 648MW to 1080MW. They do not expect to build any new transmission structures and most of the work would be carried out within the existing transmission corridor. Where possible, access to the transmission structures will be gained using existing roads, transmission corridors, and trails. Temporary by-pass poles will be installed at two electricity junctions just outside the ward. Once the project is completed there will be little noticeable difference in this transmission line.

I will continue to share information on this project as it is received. At this time, there are no dates for the work to be completed as Hydro One is just at the application stage with the OEB.


Riley Brockington
City Councillor, River Ward


Project Q&A with Hydro One’s responses.

Will there be large equipment working in the corridor?

Local residents may notice the use of bulldozers, bucket trucks, and cranes during construction. Hydro One does not anticipate the use of a helicopter for this project.

Will it be noisy?

Residents can expect typical construction noise during the working hours of Monday to Friday, 7am to 5:30pm. Depending on the schedule, some weekend work may be required. Crews and contractors will follow the provincial construction guidelines and noise by-laws.

Will there be overnight work with large lights?

Hydro One does not anticipate overnight work and the use of lighting.

Will any trees or brush be removed as part of this work or as part of gaining access to the work area?

Select low growing brush may require trimming or removal to gain access to the transmission right-of-way. As they are in the early planning phase, the access points have not yet been identified. Hydro One has committed to contact my office should vegetation removal be required for this work.

Will local residential power go off at any time?

They do not expect any temporary power outages as a result of this project.

Why is this required?

This project is considered to be a transmission line refurbishment between Merivale Transformer Station (TS) and Hawthorne TS, approximately 12km, to ensure continued safe and reliable supply of power to the Ottawa area. The M30A and M31A circuits currently carry a 230-kilovolt single conductor and as a part of this project these circuits will be reconductored with a dual bundle (two conductors per phase).

How will construction crews/equipment gain access to the project area?

Where possible Hydro One’s construction crews will use the closest street crossings to gain access to the transmission right-of-way. Some of these access points may be in residential areas and will require signage and public notification. As noted earlier, they are still in the early construction planning phase and access points are not finalized. In the event access to the transmission right-of-way is needed through a private property, a Hydro One Real Estate coordinator will work directly with the property owner.

When is construction anticipated to begin and end?

Although initially anticipated to start in 2021, the new start date for construction is moved to early 2022. Hydro One will advise my office when they are preparing to start and provide a further update. This will be shared with the community. They anticipate completing this work by the end of 2023.

Is it safe to live near transmission stations and lines?

Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible forces that surround all electrical appliances and equipment, power cords and wiring, and outdoor power lines and equipment operated by utility companies. These fields are at extremely low frequencies. The field strength is strongest close to its source and fades rapidly as you move away from the source.

Health Canada does not consider that any precautionary measures are needed regarding daily exposures to EMFs at extremely low frequencies. There is no conclusive evidence of any harm caused by exposures at levels found in Canadian homes and schools, including those located just outside the boundaries of power line corridors.

How are electric and magnetic fields along the transmission corridor expected to change?

The modifications will be done according to the Canadian Electrical Code that meets the Canadian Standards Association requirements accounting for public safety. The second circuit will be installed on the existing transmission structures and based on Hydro One’s calculations, they project that the electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) along the transmission corridor would not substantially change.

At a recent meeting with Hydro One, I was reassured there will only be a slight increase of EMFs as a result of this project. Currently the line emits a reading of 16 milligauss (mG) and the reconductoring could see the reading increase to 18mG. Internationally, voluntary exposure guidelines recommend a residential magnetic field exposure limit of 2,000mG and an occupational exposure limit of 10,000mG. The World Health Organization endorses these guidelines set out by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, and both organizations regularly review them.


Who can residents contact if they have project-related questions?

If residents have questions about the project or would like additional information, they are welcome to contact Hydro One Community Relations at 1-877-345-6799 or

Future Public Information Night

I have secured a commitment from Hydro One to host an information session with residents closer to the start of the project so residents can speak with the project team about construction and electric and magnetic fields. My office will ensure all residents receive notice well in advance of this meeting.

Notice of Night Work – Hunt Club Rail Bridge

We received a notice from Councillor Brockington that construction of the Hunt Club Rail-over-Road Bridge as part of the Stage 2 O-Train Trillium Line South Extension Project is ready to proceed.  This will involve night work over the next few weeks, planned to be completed by February 24, 2021.

Work is being conducted at night to reduce impacts to vehicular traffic, including emergency vehicles. To maintain safety, cycle lanes on both sides of Hunt Club Road through the work zone will remain closed for the duration of this work due to increased truck traffic and the presence of heavy construction equipment. Cyclists and pedestrians will be required to adhere to signage.

Work will be conducted every night pending inclement weather and schedule changes. The utmost consideration for residents’ well-being has been considered in planning this activity and everyone involved is committed to this project advancing smoothly and with respect for everyone’s comfort and safety.

Anticipated Impacts:

  • Cycle lanes on both sides of Hunt Club Road through the work site will remain closed for the duration of this work due to increased truck traffic and heavy construction equipment. Cyclists will be required to adhere to signage and share the lane with other traffic.
  • Although construction noise is not expected to exceed 85 decibels at the site of activity, reducing to 56 decibels at 30 metres from the site, the public will experience noise and some vibration associated with construction activity. Efforts will be made to avoid directing light toward residences.

Further information is available at the following link:
Stage 2 Trillium Line South Extension – Overnight Construction on Hunt Club Rail Bridge
(Note the schedule on the link may not reflect the latest update with Feb 24th completion.)

City Councillor’s Update – Dec 2020

I trust you and your family are well.  December is already here.  2020 has been challenging in so many regards. With a COVID vaccine almost ready for distribution, I hope that we will be better protected from this deadly virus and can return to a greater sense of normalcy and safety.

McCarthy Park

At the HCCA AGM held in November, I stated my desire commence a review of the amenities in McCarthy Park and strike a small working group to note what currently exists in the park, with the objective of making some additional improvements.  Although I do not have a significant budget for this matter, I have been asked to review the possibility of expanding the current basketball court and illuminating it.  There is also discussion in the community about expanding community gardens.

I like McCarthy Park, it is large and has a lot to offer and in many regards is a hub for our community.  What do you like about it?  What does it need?  Feel free to share your thoughts with me.

Renaming Uplands Park

Uplands Park is a tiny park located on Uplands Drive in our Hunt Club community.  It contains a small playground, tennis courts, wooded area and manicured lawn.

It has been my intention for some time to engage the community and recognize a significant local leader and contributor for her/his efforts with a park naming commemoration.  I intend to strike a working group with the HCCA to discuss this further and develop a short list of names to be considered to rename this park in 2021.

Cannabis Dispensaries in Hunt Cub

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has notified my office that the application to open a dispensary at 800 Hunt Club Road, Unit 3 at Uplands Drive has been approved and a license was issued on November 16, 2020.

A second application earlier this year for 3310 McCarthy Road was objected to by myself and the HCCA.  This application remains under review by the AGCO.

Juno Beach Memorial Bridge – Winter Maintenance

During my recent annual review of winter maintenance with snow operations staff at the City, I reinforced with them the need to have the Juno Beach Memorial Bridge well maintained by the start of the morning rush hour, to assist pedestrians headed over to the South Keys Transit Station.  Within the vicinity of the bridge, I have also been working with Public Works staff to address the significant cracks and decay on the pathway network, around the Wendy Stewart stormwater ponds.  A geotechnical study has been actioned to try to understand what is happening under the pathway that is causing such strong deterioration.  Once this is fixed, I will be able to get this pathway network plowed in the winter, likely, next year.

Best wishes to everyone for a safe and festive holiday season.

Riley Brockington
City Councillor, River Ward

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City Councillor’s Update – June 2020

There were a number of items that I covered at this month’s HCCA meeting, including:

  • City’s residential growth management strategy, as part of the Official Plan review completed this past week
  • Ongoing increased access to city facilities as provincial restrictions are slowly lifted.
  • Updates on the Riverside Drive O-Train Bridge Rehabilitation and the Confederation Heights Bridge Rehabilitation
  • New Ottawa Public Library services that are going to phase in starting on June 8, beginning with curbside returns and hold pickups at six locations, including the Greenboro Branch.
  • City’s Tow Truck Regulation Review is underway. You can participate here on
  • Expanded testing for COVID-19, now open to anyone needing a test at all three locations.

You can review the entire handout from Monday’s HCCA meeting on my website at